Columbia River Spring Salmon – Update

It has been announced that the Columbia River Spring Salmon Season has been extended to June 15th from the Tower Island power lines just above Bonneville Dam extending 163.5 miles up stream to the Oregon / Washington state line. The season was originally scheduled to close on June 3rd. The Columbia River Spring Salmon Season has already been extended to June 15th below Bonneville dam.

The reason for the extension is that the water levels have been less than ideal for fisherman and this will give them extra time to fish for the Springers.

This is a treat for Columbia Spring Salmon fisherman as these fish are tastier than all the other runs in the Columbia. The meat is red like a sockeye and loaded with essential fats that make it so delicious and good for you.

Traditionally everybody would hog-line plugs behind the boat but now-a-days most people are getting into downstream trolling using flashers and herring rigs on a cannonball. Fishermen are finding this is much more productive along with using some of the new scents that are available.

Companies such as Fish Fash have been around for decades making flashers, however newer tackle companies have taken the idea and made it better. Companies such as Kone Zone flashers and Short Bus Flashers are producing some truly amazing products. With better colors and tapered designs the fish flasher idea has been taken to a new level.

Along with the Spring Chinook Salmon we are also getting runs of Sockeye. Columbia Sockeye can be very hard to catch because they move upriver at such a fast pace with spawning on their minds. They are still feeding on herring, anchovies, and smelt and can be caught mostly with bait presentations. Remember the flashers only draw the fish to your bait in the discolored water.

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