1. A min of $100 deposite via website or called in credit card to columbiariverguides.com will secure your date. If you didn’t make a deposit then please understand these days are limited and we reserve the right to rebook the day.
  2. All deposits will be refunded within 14 days of departure.
  3. If requesting to cancel a fishing trip within your 14 days of departure no deposit will be refunded. your trip may be rescheduled for another date within the same year of your original departure if your requesting to cancel within 7 days of departure. We reserve the right to charge for full day of fishing for boat if your trip cannot be rescheduled. No deposits will carry over to another calendar year or be rescheduled within 7 days of original departure. Special situations may be valid please take it up with your fishing guide as were here to accommodate you.
  4. If your requesting a cancellation before 14 days of departure to insure your deposit is refunded you must make contact with fishing guide by phone or email. If by email you must receive a confirmation email from guide he got your email and trip was cancelled.
  5. If you have a scheduled fishing trip and your guide hasn’t contacted you within the week of departure. Please contact your guide to verify something hasn’t gone wrong before you leave your house 99.9% everything works great. We strive to not have unhappy clients.
  6. If you have a fishing trip planned and your joining another group. Please come early. Due to high traffic at boat ramps the boat captain reserves the right to not keep others waiting. In this case your late, Please call and let us know.ore than likely we will fish close to dock and come back to pick you up if possible. If your late and the boat leaves we reserve the right to charge you for the full days rate. Understand if your joining a mixed group prices are based on how many people are fishing in the boat that day i feel others shouldn’t suffer for somebody else’s problems. Once again with good contact this situation will probably never happen. We strive to make everybody happy.
  7. Alcohol is permitted by law on boats. Our rules are to keep under control. If we have to warn you to slow down or you have had to many we reserve the right to take you back to dock and end your day of fishing for safety reasons. Once again its never had to happen use moderation please. Safety is first and foremost.
  8. If you have the boat scheduled for the day and your late. Your guide is instructed to wait 1hr before trip cancels and you will be charged for full rate of fishing for the day. Unless you can make contact via phone and arrange that you will be there soon. If your late for some reason your guide reserves the right to start trip on scheduled time and bring back to dock on scheduled time.
  9. No illegal drugs allowed on boat. No exceptions for new State laws that say its legal to possess. Drugs still not federally legal to possess and all guides have to follow federal rules. Please don’t even ask.
  10. No fighting even if its family. Trip will end right away. No refunds no questions asked. No excuses just because your family. Its never happened and expect it never will. Safety first.
  11. If customer intended to harm the boat fishing tackle or guide being malicious. Customer is expected to be charged for repairs and or replacement. Its never happened and expect it never will.
  12. If we take pictures or videos your consent is booking the trip. We reaerve the rights to use any pics or videos for our website columbiariverguides.com and or other advertising sites that may be owned. If you dont want this to be shared a written email to guide must be presented and once again verified by guide he received.
  13. Think all the legals are covered.

Elmer Hill